Making Your Home Safe

Insurance Agency in Mount Dora, FLMaking sure that you and your family are safe at home is crucial for any property owner. We have put together a list of ways you can keep your home a little safer:

  • Make Electrical Repairs ASAP – Whether an outlet is not working correctly or you are having issues with your lighting, an electrical issue can cause many problems. The moment you notice these issues is the moment that you should contact a specialist to help you.
  • Keep Walkways Clear – Keeping the halls and walkways clean in your home helps ensure that people do not trip and fall. These people could seriously injure themselves. These issues may need to be handled through your homeowners’ insurance, which will cause the insurance to go up.
  • Make Your Pool Safe – A pool is a great way to beat the heat, but it can be unsafe when you have children in the home. Invest in all the pool safety gear available to you, such as safety barriers to stop children from accidentally falling in.

Keep your home protected at all times when you select homeowners insurance from the team at Maranatha Tax & Insurance Agency. The team at our insurance agency in Mount Dora, FL, is available to help you find the right coverage for your property.