Posts made in November 2018

The Car Insurance You Need in Florida

Auto Insurance in Mount Dora, FLDo you know what kind of insurance is necessary for drivers in Florida? Instead of taking a wild guess and relying on a random website to tell you what you need, you can trust the team at Maranatha Tax & Insurance Agency to assist you. Whether you have moved to the state recently or are just looking for new coverage, it is vital that you receive the proper insurance for your car.

The type of car insurance you get should fit your budget and reflect the value of your vehicle. If you have just bought a new car and there is a lien on it, it is most likely that your lender will request an active full coverage policy to take care of expenses during an accident. This policy will also cover damages to the other car if you were the one who is at fault. Furthermore, this kind of coverage can help with rental car expenses, towing, and acts of God.

Once we provide you with the insurance information you need, our representatives can help you make the proper insurance investment on your vehicle. You can get behind the wheel feeling confident that you are protected if you get into an accident or cause damage to someone else’s car. In addition to our auto insurance in Mount Dora, FL, we offer homeowners, boat, and business insurance, as well as tax preparation services.

Finding the Right Homeowners Insurance for Your New Home

Homeowners Insurance in Mount Dora, FLDiscover great homeowners insurance that fits your specific requirements when you work with the team at Maranatha Tax & Insurance Agency. Our business is proud to offer home insurance for large estates, small bungalows, and everything in between. Whether you are buying a new property or looking for new insurance to replace your old coverage, we are ready to help you.

When you get a mortgage, it is crucial that you have proof of insurance to make sure that the company giving you the loan can start the mortgage process. This company will be providing you with money for your coverage that will be placed in an escrow account. If you are purchasing a home without a loan, you still need to invest in insurance. You could have issues with repairs, fires, hurricanes, and many other problems that could be very expensive without insurance. With guidance from our team, we will sign you up for homeowner insurance that is right for you.

Contact us today to ask any questions about coverage or receive homeowners insurance in Mount Dora, FL. Our business will be happy to help you with this, as well as provide you with a variety of additional coverage options that are perfect for you.